Getting Below 12.5 MWh/t Power Consumption

METSOL, a Bathco Company, has developed a novel and universally retrofittable low energy aluminum reduction cell technology designed to achieve power consumption below 12.5 MWh/t.

The technology has been extensively evaluated at KAP smelter in Montenegro where some cells have consistently delivered power consumption around 12.45 MWh/t while maintaining current efficiency above 95% and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

The cell uses electrically compensated cathodes known as HPCA™ (High Performance Cathode Assembly, marketed jointly with French cathode specialist Carbone Savoie) with a multiple point alumina feeding system (MPF™ – Multi Point Feed).  The cell is operated with a PLC based system designed to take multiple sensors that uses an algorithm to manage and optimize alumina feed in the cell for effective mass balance control, enhancing metal production and energy savings while predicting and preventing anode effects.

The system is sold on the market as APC™ (Advanced Process Control).  APC is available as either a supplement to the existing reduction cell microcomputer or set up as a standalone system, replacing CELTROL or ALPSYS or similar systems.

While the system yields best results as an integrated solution, all elements are available as modules and can be installed based on specific requirements of the user.

Please contact us for further details and a specific analysis of potential benefits for your smelter:

APCTM Advanced Process Control

Advancing Aluminium Pot logic into the 21st century

APCTM (Advanced Process Control) is a PLC based system designed to manage and optimize the alumina feed in a reduction cell for effective mass balance control, enhancing metal production and energy savings while predicting and preventing anode effects.

APCTM is an easy and effective solution to increase Current Efficiency by about 1% on average whilst lowering the pot operating voltage, thereby resulting in a lower power consumption.

The installation of the APCTM system is done in two steps: by assessing existing pot operation data and scoping the installation project, followed by installing, testing and finetuning the customized system.

MPFTM Multi Point Feed Technology

The use of MPFTM leads to improved metal purity (low iron and silicon contents) thereby giving the primary aluminum metal producer flexibility in producing premium products for better revenues. Using MPFTM technology also reduces the frequency and duration of “Anode Effects”, a phenomenon arising from inadequate alumina feeding in the cell, leading to the emission of extremely potent greenhouse gases.  MPFTM technology is an effective solution to reducing a smelters carbon footprint and lowering operational costs.

Multi Point Feeding System – Additional savings and improvement of metal purity

MPFTM can be fitted and yields benefits with all technologies currently in use. Our engineers are looking forward to discussing the details and working out a simulation based on your cell specifics.

The installation for the APCTM covers all hardware such as touch panel, control cabinet, additional sensors, cabling, electronics, CPU and software.

Along with its easy handling the touch panels are robust, modern and can be installed next to the reduction cell together with a control cabinet, housing the electronics and protect them from heat and dust.

APCTM works and yields benefits with all technologies currently in use and was successfully implemented on AP-9, P69 and GAMI.

For further information, such as general key benefits, facts and figures concerning the Case Studies, please continue with this APCTM brochure:

Brochure APC

High Performance Cathode Assemblies (HPCA)

Using the HPCA in place of cast-iron poured at approx. 1300°C allows primary aluminum facilities to improve the current distribution and reinforces vertical current flow in the carbon and graphite blocks. The HPCA consists of electrically compensating plates, contact plugs and a clean sealing paste which connects the cathode blocks and the copper collector bars.

This product is being produced in collaboration with Carbon Savoie.