Our focus is to find energy efficient technical solutions for the primary aluminum industry and to provide steel-based architectural products to the building and construction industry. METSOL produces equipment, such as the APCTM and provides services to help organizations reach their strategic goals.

METSOL technology provides innovative solutions to the power consumption challenges faced by the aluminum industry today: efficient power usage, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the increasing demand for higher purity metal. Demand for higher purity metal is being driven by higher tech industries, such as airline and automotive manufacturing, requiring higher purity in their applications. This has the flow on effect of requiring the aluminum industry to meet with a corresponding supply in order to compete in these growing markets. METSOL systems are designed to address and support these market needs.

Our architectural products also cater to the increasing safety needs of the industry, especially with regard to safety and fall protection. This has led to a growing need to place and retrofit buildings with guard rails and handrails.  These must not only provide protection but must also be aesthetically pleasing.  METSOL has positioned itself to address those needs, balancing safety and style.